Artistically Geeky

Hi! We are Gogimogi, a whimsical, geeky and artistic design house based in Pasadena, California, with a commitment to the study of color inspired by nature.

Our founder, Golareh Safarian, launched Gogimogi in December of 2016 with the intent to bring joy through art and make it accessible for all ages.

Throughout our inaugural year, we have developed a number of collections, each with a unique blend of artistry and purpose.

Classic Gogimogi

Our Classic Gogimogi Collection is a joyful examination of the world through a child’s wondrous eyes.  Designs in this collection are whimsy, bright, and bold, with a touch of humor.  This line is dedicated to children and to anyone who embraces a child-like sense of wonder and a resolve to see the infinite possibilities of the human imagination.

Our Classic Gogimogi Collection is available in high-quality wall art prints and on t-shirts for kids and toddlers.

Art on Apparel

We want Gogimogi’s designs to be accessible and that’s why we make our art available not only through traditional mediums but also through fashion.

Gogimogi’s Teez4Kidz embrace humor and color, and aim to nurture both the artistic and the scientific mind. Our fun tees showcase Gogimogi’s whimsical characters, all inspired by flora and fauna, and provide engaging-facts about the source of inspiration, making us the Artistically Geeky Design House.

In addition to art, Gogimogi is committed to quality. All our tees are made with Premium Quality US-made fabric and our silhouettes are carefully designed to provide the greatest comfort without compromising style.

We do not use any tags in our clothing and all care labels are printed with water-based ink. All our digital prints are lead free.

The Gogi Collection

Whereas our Classic Gogimogi Collection is a joyful study of color and humor, our edgier Gogi Line is a study of psyche and energy.  Designs in our Gogi Collection are emotional with expressive lines and shapes.

The Gogi Collection is ideal for those curators who want to honor the power and drive of all living creatures.

Our Gogi designs are available in high-quality wall art prints.

Original Paintings

As anyone who is a true art collector already knows, there is something very revealing, very intimate and poetic in a physical brushstroke.  That is why in the summer of 2017 we launched our Original Paintings Catalog, featuring abstract and figurative fine art pieces by Golareh.  Browse through our gallery and learn more about these unique original paintings.

Children’s Picture Book

As the “Geeky” in our tagline suggests, we couldn’t go without adding a few drops of nerd into the mix.   So, while you’re roaming through our site, be sure to stop by and learn about Gogi and Mogi Go To The Garden, a critically acclaimed educational picture book by Golareh incorporating designs from our Classic Gogimogi Collection and fun facts about the creatures from whom we draw our inspiration.

From Golareh:

Hi!  I’m Golareh Safarian, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Gogimogi.  Thank you for stopping by our shop.  I am thrilled to share my design aesthetic and fine art with you all.  Launching Gogimogi is a dream come true and watching it grow from a handful of designs into a comprehensive online gallery, with different collections, is truly exciting.

I have always found great solace in nature and art.  They have both been my companions since I can remember.  Bringing the two of them together for Gogimogi was a natural evolution for me, albeit not an easy one.

As we near our first year anniversary, I look back at everything we’ve accomplished in such a short period and can’t help but feel proud.  We are far from done though, and I’m eager to see what the future will bring.  Currently, we are launching our interior design department and are actively seeking residential and commercial clients, so if you’re in the market for a design makeover, give us a shout.

I have also completed the manuscript for the second book in the Gogi & Mogi children’s book series and have a few illustrations already sketched out, so those two charmers will be back with a new adventure very soon.

We’re also developing our Gogimogi YouTube Channel, so keep an eye out for some Artistically Geeky video content coming your way in the near future.

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