Artistically Geeky

Hi! We are Gogimogi, a whimsical and artistic design house based in Pasadena, California, with a commitment to merge art and science with humor and absurdity.

We are “Artistically Geeky” – meaning we love geeking over all the fun facts of nature and science while also letting our imagination take flight into the surreal and absurd. We love to learn about all the amazing creatures in our world, while also imagining them in not-so-real, often ridiculous situations. We believe humor is the key to living a long, beautiful, and healthy life, and we invite you to join us in laughter and joy!

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Fashion

Here at Gogimogi, we are committed to saving our planet. As a result, we have made some major changes to our inventory and have revised our business model to one that is environmentally conscious and eco-friendly. We are thrilled and proud of these changes, not only because they are the right thing to do, but also because they are aligned with our commitment to nature and our appreciation of the beauty and magnificence it offers.

As of January of 2023, we have discontinued all non-sustainable apparel from our shop, and have launched a brand new collection of t-shirts made from 100% recycled fabric, or 100% certified organic fabric.  From now on, all Gogimogi collections will be eco-conscious and support a sustainable fashion industry.

Gogimogi’s Origin

Gogimogi was founded by artist and creative director, Golareh, in 2016. Golareh’s goal was to create a whimsical design house that offered a joyful examination of the world through a child’s wondrous eyes.  Gogimogi’s inaugural classic collection were a series of designs that were whimsy, bright, and bold, with a touch of humor.  The collection was dedicated to children and to anyone who embraced a child-like sense of wonder and a resolve to see the infinite possibilities of the human imagination.

Today, our mission is an expansion of our original statement to provide artistic designs with the added commitment to sustainability. This is why our entire new collection of t-shirts is made with recycled or organic material, while we continue to offer, humorous, often absurd, sometimes whimsical, sometimes modern or surreal, designs.