Gogi & Mogi Go To The Garden

Gogi and Mogi come across all sorts of colorful creatures when they venture out to the garden in search of inspiration. Come along as they look for costume ideas and learn about the interesting residents of the garden.

“Gogi and Mogi’s adventure proves that, by working together, solving problems not only can be done, but can be fun.” -Rebecca Monterusso, Foreword Reviews

“The illustrations, featured prominently, are a mixture of photography and digital artwork. They are raucously colorful and energetic, and Gogi’s imagined costumes are especially fun.” -BlueInk Review

“The facts related to all the garden creatures are scientific and fun. Gogi and Mogi are adventurous children full of ideas…” -BlueInk Reviews

Golareh Safarian is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Gogimogi, an artistically geeky design house committed to the study of color and humor and inspired by nature. Her designs aim to provide a whole-brained approach to early development by engaging both the dreamy artist and the curious scientist in every child. In addition to being a multi-disciplined artist, Golareh has a master’s degree in mass communication, a bachelor’s degree in journalism and more than 20 years of experience as a writer and entertainment specialist. This is her first children’s book. You can buy “Gogi and Mogi Go To The Garden” on Amazon by clicking here.